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An Unsettling Thought

Today is the 25th anniversary of my parents buying and moving into their first flat. I am roughly the same age now as they were then and I am nowhere near to placing a foot on the property ladder. I dread to think how many years it will take for me to get my own flat.

We had fish and chips for dinner to celebrate, the same meal they had when they moved in. So it’s not all depressing !

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I started this blog to document my attempt to find a job but obviously that’s a bit boring. My other passion in life is cooking. Well cooking and eating.  I know blogs that are unfocused are a bit annoying so the type of blog I’m trying to do is a lifestyle blog, admittedly the lifestyle is that of an unemployed graduate but I’m hoping to pepper it with recipes and advice on what to do while at university to give yourself a better start in the employment race once you’ve finished. It’s all so clear with hindsight !

So if you’re interested in unemployment, food, British Television and university life, please stick around and give my blog a read.

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