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Breakfast of University Champions

I’ve been quite bad and not posted anything recently. I really want to do more recipe posts but as I’m back living at home now, I don’t have as much control over the shopping list and what’s for dinner any more.

However I’ve got a great recipe for new university students. As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is also one of the hardest to be bothered to make when you’re a student and have an early morning lecture.

Toast is the saviour of most students. Easy. Cheap. And quick !

My recipe is just a pimped out version of toast. One of my favourite breakfasts is pancakes, and this recipe combines the ease of toast with one of my favourite pancake toppings. Trust me Freshers, this little beauty will make your first few weeks at university that much better. Be the envy of all your new flatmates while they eat soggy cereal. Which to be honest, after the first week will become impossible as the milk will never last more than a few hours in the shared fridge and you’ll soon stop buying it.

My record for fasted Milk snatching was a few hours. I bought 4 pints from Tesco and put it in the shared fridge around 8pm. Next morning woke up to have breakfast at 11am and the whole 4 pints was gone. Empty bottle in the bin. And nobody had even drunk it apparently. 

Breakfast of University Champions


2 Slices of bread (whatever type you like)

1 Banana 

Nutella or other chocolate spread



Butter Knife


  1. Toast your bread.
  2. While your bread is toasting, slice your banana into nice thick discs.
  3. When your toast is done, spread generously with Nutella and place your banana discs on top of the toast.
  4. Eat while warm.

And there you have it, one of the easiest and tastiest university breakfasts you can have !

Tasty & Simple !

Graduatedkate’s Top Tip : Keep your Nutella jar in your room. Nutella is a magnet to food thieves. In my flat, nutella could not be left unattended. For some reason people cannot resist having a spoonful of it when they come back drunk and hungry. Also rather handily, Nutella does not have to be refrigerated.

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The Problem With Unemployment…

So there are lots of problems with unemployment but the one I keep encountering recently is putting things off for lack of money.

I know I’m not facing the same financial hardship as some people, who have families depending on them and no other means of support and I’m not making light of the situation but I’m getting so bored of not having money.

I find I’m creating an ever growing list of things I want to buy when I have a job. It’s not just things for myself either, I want to buy gifts/treats for my Mum and Dad, I want to be able to treat the family to a take away. I want to buy a funny outfit for the puppy. I want to buy a bunch of flowers !

Not having money really affects your self esteem. It diminishes your presence in the world.

I’m worried my list will just keep on growing and I’ll never be able to start ticking things off of it.

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At Last…


I got an email saying I had made the short list for the interview stage for a digital internship.

This is the first interview I’ve been offered. My emotions keep fluctuating between joy and fear. Interviews are going to take place on Monday, going to spend the next few days prepping for it and hoping that maybe my luck is about to change.


I dropped my gold ring on the floor after stupidly twirling it round my fingers. It hit the ground and then began rolling across the floor. The puppy and I both watched it roll to a stop under the table and the we both leapt for it. She reached it before me but I was able to grab it from her. Unfortunately during the leap I smacked both my knees on to the floor. Hard. I now have a massive lump on one knee and my legs ache. Feel like I’ve aged a few decades.

I’ve learnt my lesson though, will never play with my jewellery in the presence of the puppy ever ever again.

By the way, this is the puppy below. Her name is Patsy and she is a minature pinscher. And I love her lots and lots.


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Frustration & Panic Applying

The problem with applying for jobs is you soon get frustrated with the lack of response. Why can’t you employ me ? I fulfilled all the criteria you were asking for ! You get so frustrated that jobs you qualify for don’t want you, you start applying to any old job. Jobs that you never in a million years would qualify for. Of course they don’t reply and the whole situation gets worse.

A few weeks ago, I had a really bad day. People around me were getting jobs and I felt like the most unemployable person ever. So I panic applied. I clicked apply to as many jobs as I could. Jobs I didn’t want or couldn’t do.

The key is to take a deep breath and don’t just panic apply to every job you see. Read the descriptions. If you don’t fit it exactly you’re not going to stand a chance. Job seeking involves a lot more strategy than you’d think. You have to plan your applications. Write a covering letter with all the key words the description uses. Tailor your CV to fit it. If parts of your CV are irrelevant to the job, get rid of them. I have multiple CVs on my computer now, each one tweaked for different jobs.

I haven’t got a job yet though so my advice isn’t bible, but it’s got to be improving my chances a little bit…I hope.

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